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RF+ with a biostimulation laser

Radio wave therapy with biostimulation laser.

Reduction of wrinkels and skin firming (face, eyes, neck, upper-eyelids, hands, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms).

Price - ask me

Recommended quantity of sessions - between 5 and 12. The amount and frequency depends on the area of the body. The treatment is intended for customers aged 25-60.

Lipolaser therapy

Lipolaser therapy

Sides and abdomen or abdomen or back or thighs. 10 sesion + lymphatic drainage of the treated area.

10 sesion - £ 250

1 sesion every ~5-7 days

This is treatment REDUCING fat tissue.

Diet and exercise increase the effect of treatment.

Body waxing

Body waxing.

Body waxing - price £ 5 - £ 30

Full body waxing - price - ask me

Body hair trimming


Body hair trimming.

Body hair trimming - price £ 5 - £ 25

Body hair trimming (full body) - price - ask me

If you need - ONE area gratis during massage.

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